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Cookies are used in connection with virtually all websites and are in many cases necessary to provide a given service on the website.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user's device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) so that the device can be recognized. Cookies can be used, among other things, to compile statistics on users' use of the website and to optimize the content of the page. A cookie is a passive file and thus cannot collect information from the user's computer or spread computer viruses or other malicious programs. Some cookies are placed by other parties (so-called 3rd parties) than the one in the address bar (URL) of the browser. It can be ordinary content, but also e.g. analysis tools or embedded comment fields. This means that cookies are stored by parties other than the owner of the website.

Some cookies are only stored on the user's device as long as the user has his browser open (session cookies). Other cookies are stored for a longer period of time (persistent cookies). When the user re-visits a website, session cookies will be set again, while persistent cookies are typically renewed.

3. COOKIES ON kira-cph.com

At kira-cph.com we use cookies to control how our website is used and to simplify and improve your visit. Furthermore, we use cookies to execute orders in the webshop. The information in the statistics is anonymous and cannot be attributed to named users.

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