Behind the business name hides a woman named Kira Wickstrøm Polack, who with passion and will has created her own universe of colors and designs across old and new.

What do you do when you love strong colors, beautiful patterns and good craftsmanship, but do not find the special combination in Denmark? You grab the color palette and design patterns that are a rethinking of the classics, pack your suitcase and head to other skies. At least if you are called Kira Wickstrøm Polack and do not compromise when you have put something in your head.

Thanks to this stubbornness, Kira has created an exemplary collaboration with local artisans in Morocco, India and Turkey, a collaboration that has lasted for a number of years and is constantly evolving with Nordic simplicity and glowing colors as the focal point.

And as a side benefit, the work of local women in Morocco in particular is supported; Berber women from 7 remote villages have merged to form a weaving cooperative and's hand-woven designer rugs and runners are woven here - also to order.

In addition to her own designs, Kira has during her work trips bought unique rugs, textiles, baskets and household utensils in all shapes and sizes, created by skilled artisans and from ancient traditions that harmonize with the simple Nordic taste.

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