Vintage berber Kilim rug 153X159 cm

size: 153x159 cm
material: hand spun & hand dyed wool
care: dry cleaning

Striped Moroccan Kilim carpet (Hanbel Kilim) in color shades of pink, orange, gray and red.
The flat-woven Moroccan Kilim carpet has been woven by women from various Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains.
The kilim carpets are traditionally woven for own use in the home - whether it is a nomadic tent or a more permanent residence - and the expression, patterns and color composition of the carpets vary from tribe to tribe.
The kilim carpets are woven by hand and there are always variations depending on the individual woman's choice of patterns, colors and weaving technique, so all carpets are unique.

 We recommend carpet underlays for all our carpets.

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